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Re: Iran

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Re: Iran

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** 22-May-2019 Ron Conte: Ten Iran Prophecies

Tom Mazanec wrote: > Ten Iran prophecies:
> ... e-of-iran/
Ron Conte wrote: > 1. Hassan Rohani is the President of Iran, and he will soon become
> the Supreme Leader of Iran. He will hold both positions
> together. The current Supreme Leader is Ali Khamenei.
Rouhani cannot be Supreme Leader because he's not a jurist. He can't
try a coup because the IRGC would kill him. He has no path to become
Supreme Leader.
Ron Conte wrote: > 2. How does Khamenei die? By a plot devised by Rohani, so as to
> give himself more power. He cannot unleash his plan to initiate an
> apocalyptic war, unless he holds both positions together.
I don't even know what this means.
Ron Conte wrote: > 3. Iran will announce that they have nuclear bombs. They will then
> break free of all restrictions on their nuclear program, and ramp
> up production of more weapon grade uranium and more bombs.
This might happen at some point.
Ron Conte wrote: > 4. Iran and ISIS will make a pact to join together. Iran will help
> ISIS take control of Iraq and Syria.
Iran is a Shia theocracy, and ISIS is a Sunni theocracy. They're
mortal enemies and would never join together. ISIS will never have
control of Iraq and Syria.

Ron Conte wrote: > 5. Iraq (controlled by ISIS) and Iran will then guide and assist
> extremists in the other Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and
> northern Africa to take control of those nations. They will all
> then be joined as one group of nations, led by Hassan Rohani in
> Iran and whoever runs ISIS in Iraq. Saudi Arabia will be
> overthrown by extremists, as will all the other nations in that
> region. (Israel alone will not be conquered.)
This gets more and more ridiculous each time. Rouhani and ISIS
controlling the Mideast? Ron Conte is a complete idiot.
Ron Conte wrote: > 6. Even though Iraq and Iran will lead the other Muslim nations in
> a dual leadership, Iran will always have more power in that
> alliance and group of nations than Iraq will have. And Iran’s
> power over that group of nations will continue to grow, until only
> the leader of Iran is ruler over all those nations (and the
> nations they conquer).

> Note: Iran and ISIS are led by extremists who are also
> Twelvers. (Not all Twelvers are extremists, and not all Twelvers
> believe in this radical end times view.) The Iranian and ISIS
> extremists believe in a radical version of Islamic end times
> theology. They think they must start an apocalyptic war with the
> West in order to usher in the return of al-Mahdi (the twelfth
> Iman) and establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate in which
> everyone is Muslim. How does the whole world become Muslim? They
> think to kill everyone who does not convert.

What is this guy talking about? Twelvers are Iranian Shias.
A member of ISIS would shoot himself in the head before
calling himself a Twelver.
Ron Conte wrote: > 7. Iran will send a ship to New York City with a nuclear bomb on
> it, to explode it right next to the United Nations, and that
> attack will initiate World War 3. They expect to use this war to
> kill everyone who refuses to convert to the extremist version of
> Islam. (They call practicing prayerful moderate peaceful Muslims
> “apostates”.)
Actually, Iranian and ISIS fighters call each other apostates.
Ron Conte wrote: > 8. This attack occurs after the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle,
> in the same calendar year (2022, I think). That is when World War
> 3 begins, and World War 3 is the first of the four horsemen of the
> apocalypse.

> 9. The Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa
> will conquer Europe in World War 3. As the War and the subsequent
> Occupation unfold, Iran will have one leader after another. The
> first in the series of leaders of Iran is Rouhani. The fourth
> leader of Iran will be the one who initiates World War 4 by
> threatening the whole world. He does this to try to fulfill the
> original plan of Iran and ISIS, when they began World War 3, which
> was to use an apocalyptic war to make the whole world
> Muslim.
This is hopelessly ridiculous.

This guy is using Bible prophecy to defraud people with some of the
most ridiculous nonsense I've ever seen. He should be locked up.

One things for sure: This guy doesn't know even the most basic facts
about Iran or Islam. He's making a complete fool out of himself.

---- Book:

"World View: Iran's Struggle for Supremacy -- Tehran's Obsession to
Redraw the Map of the Middle East," by John J. Xenakis ... 732738610/

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