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Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

This is an experiment. This is a thread where I (or other people) can
post brief summaries of important news.

Since I'm writing a book on China and I'm doing a great deal of
historical research, this thread will also contain analyses of China
that are not available in the mainstream media.

Forty years ago, everyone in the world wanted China to succeed in
becoming an economic powerhouse and a responsible member of the
international community. To this end, Taiwan was replaced by mainland
China as the representative of China in the United Nations. China was
admitted to the World Trade Organization, with the hope that China
would adopt internationally supported trading practices. Western
companies have poured investments into China to take advantage of its
huge marketplace, and to help the Chinese people develop a vibrant
consumer and export economy. There were many doubters, of course --
China was still run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But Soviet
communism had collapsed, and it was hoped that Chinese communism would
do so too, and it was hoped that China would become a democratic,
free, open market society.

The hopes that China would become a responsible member of the
international community have disappeared. CCP government officials
are turning into barbaric monsters, worse than the Nazis. China is
arresting, beating, torturing, raping and executing millions of Muslim
Uighurs in Xinjiang province, with the apparent intention of
committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. China also arrests, beats,
tortures, rapes and executes many Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists
for their religious beliefs. After specifically promising not to
militarize the South China Sea, China has illegally built artificial
islands with military bases bristling with warplanes, missiles and
advanced weaponry to be used against its neighbors. China has
developed numerous nuclear ballistic missile systems that have no
purpose except to destroy American cities, bases, and aircraft
carriers. China steals intellectual property as a regular practice.
China takes advantage of international law by using it as a lever
against other nations, but then claiming that it doesn't apply to

My research on my book has been to determine from China's history
exactly how the CPP had turned into barbaric monsters. I've found
that every CCP policy is connected in some way to events surrounding
the 1860 Treaty of Tanjin, almost like a serial killer's actions are
linked to some traumatic childhood event. My objective is to
determine the following:
  • How does China's history dictate its current barbaric policies?
  • How long will the hard-working Chinese people tolerate
    the abusive CCP policies?
  • What will China do next, and in what time frame?
I've already developed partial answers to these questions. Further
research will be posted in this thread. I also expect to be writing
occasional long-form World View articles, summarizing the news items
and research in this thread.

Those who wish to be notified of regular updates should subscribe to
this thread. Suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Contents

China's genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslim Uighurs
Extradition of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou from Canada
Government shutdown
Japan vs South Korea radar lock controversy continues
China's economy grows at its slowest pace in 29 years
Bomb blasts al-Assad's stronghold in Latakia, Syria
Afghan security force suffers massive Taliban bombing

** China's genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslim Uighurs

For several months, we've read that China has swept up a million
Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang province and jailed them in "re-education
centers," where they're beaten, tortured, raped, abused and executed.
Some recent analyses are saying that China's plans are the total
genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslim Uighurs in the next ten years.

There has been no international outrage about this because Sunni
Muslims are so unpopular since 9/11. China has been adroit in using
economic and financial packages to silence the Arab and Islamic
world's support for the Uyghurs. Despite the suppression, not one
single Arab or Islamic government has spoken out openly to criticize
China for its draconian measures in Xinjiang

China is conducting equally violent crackdowns on Buddhism and
Christianity, though without the full-scale genocide. ... n-xinjiang
(, 9-Oct-2018) ... r-under-xi
(Straits Times, 28-Sep-2018) ... transcript
(Memri, 19-Dec-2018)

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** Extradition of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou from Canada

A report late Tuesday says that the US has told Canada that it would
request extradition of Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou to the United States.
China has arrested two Canadians in retaliation, and will probably
arrest (or at least threaten to arrest) Americans if Meng is

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** 12-Dec-18 World View -- China jails Canadian journalist Michael Kovrig in apparent retaliation for Canada arrest of Meng Wanzhou
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** 8-Dec-18 World View -- Arrest of Meng Wanzhou of China's Huawei has increasingly serious implications
** ... tm#e181208

** Government shutdown

There is the possibility that Trump would like to continue the
government shutdown as a disruptive strategy to reduce the size of
government, as non-essential personnel have been seeking jobs in the
private sector. This is unconfirmed, but it would certainly be
consistent with his disruptive strategies with regard to trade and
North Korea.

** Japan vs South Korea radar lock controversy continues

The radar lock confrontation continues, and continues to
escalate. It seems trivial, but it's getting more serious. ... EZuFml7lhE
(Japan Times)

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** China's economy grows at its slowest pace in 29 years

China on Monday announced that its official economic growth came in at
6.6% in 2018 — the slowest pace since 1990.

6.6% is a little slower than previous rates, and it wouldn't be a big
deal except that Western economists are increasingly skeptical of
Chinese statistics, and believe that the growth rate is much lower,
possibly below 2%. This is a historical nightmare for the CCP because
the only reason that the Chinese people are putting up with their
incompetent, corrupt, barbaric leaders is because the people are well
fed. Historically, economic problems lead to massive rebellions, and
China is overdue for a massive rebellion. ... -year.html

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** ... tm#e190112

** Bomb blasts al-Assad's stronghold in Latakia, Syria

A car bombing targeted the coastal Syrian city of Latakia on Tuesday,
killing at least one person and wounding four other people. This is
the second such blast to target government-held territory in two
days. A similar car bomb hit Damascus on Sunday, but state media said
it led to no casualties.

No has claimed credit, but it's assumed that the perpetrators
were among the al-Assad Sunni Arab opposition, either the
"moderate" rebels or the al-Qaeda linked HTS.

Al-Assad has used genocide and ethnic cleansing to rid areas he
controls of Sunni Arabs, but there is increasing unrest among his
supporters because he's having difficulty providing enough food and
gasoline. ... a-1.816635

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** Afghan security force suffers massive Taliban bombing

Dozens of people in Afghanistan's elite intelligence service known as
the National Directorate for Security (NDS)
were killed by a Taliban bombing on Tuesday.

This occurred while the delusional peace talks between
the Americans and the Taliban were going on in Doha, Qatar. ... k-60533854

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** 6-Dec-18 World View -- New head of US Central Command says Afghanistan war is unsustainable
** ... tm#e181206

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Re: 21-Jan-19 World View -- Weekly summary January 21-27, 2019

Post by Jack Edwards »

I really like this. One great service you provide is letting us know of important world events - as opposed to what "Main Stream" media provides. I absolutely respect your desire to focus on projects interesting to you as long as you can rather than repeat the same stuff over and over. Having some interesting links to look at with previous column cross reference is great.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Fake News

In today's world of trolls and totally biased mainstream news, "fake
news" has become as important as "real news." The 6,000 articles on
my web site have always been only real news, well sourced and
cross-checked from multiple sources. If you listen to or read the
mainstream news, then you understand that reporters consider it more
important to report fake news slanted to their ideology than to report
real news. In fact, one of the reasons that Generational Dynamics has
not become popular is because people want to read fake news. I have
had articles criticized in comments because the facts reported in the
article contradicted the commenter's ideology. This is particularly
true when I write articles on the genocides in Burma (Myanmar) and
Syria. These comments are from people telling me that they're furious
that I'm not reporting fake news. It's absolutely amazing.

So it's interesting that during the past couple of days, there were
several stories picked up by the mainstream media that seemed
important, but turned out to be Fake News.
  • Over the weekend, there were several reports
    of the discovery of an secret, previously undisclosed missile
    complex in North Korea. This was actually an older missile
    launch site that was already known. Also, North Korea is under
    no obligation at this time to disclose its missile sites.
  • On Tuesday morning, there were reports that the US had cancelled
    trade talks with China, with the implication that China-US trade
    negotiations were generally collapsing. Several hours later, Larry
    Kudlow said that there has never been any such meeting scheduled, and
    that there was no change in the negotiations. Both the original
    report and Kudlow's denial affected the stock market.
  • There were several unconfirmed reports to the effect that Twitter
    photos were disappearing from Huawei phones in Hong Kong and
    elsewhere, resulting in accusations that Huawei was deleting photos
    not approved by China's censors. It turned out that the photos were
    being put into the wrong directory because of an unintentional bug in
    a Twitter app, and the photos were still available.
I would like to hear from readers whether this type of information is
interesting or of use to you.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Massive anti-Maduro riots in Venezuela and globally

There are massive ongoing riots and protests against Venezuela's
Socialist president Nicolás Maduro, to protest a disastrous economy
with the inflation rate approaching one million percent. Maduro is
using teargas against the protesters in Caracas. It's possible that
he isn't using live fire (yet) for fear of US or other armed
intervention. There are also protests in Madrid, Spain, and in other
cities around the world.

The United States and other countries are openly declaring opposition
leader Juan Guaido the legitimate president. Maduro responded by
breaking relations with the US. Guaido responded by announcing that
the US should remain in the embassy. Canada, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and
other countries are supporting the US. Russia calls the American
action a coup.

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** With Zimbabwe near collapse, South Africa braces for refugee tsunami

As bad off as Venezuela is, Zimbabwe is worse and appears to be in
complete meltdown. Anti-government protesters are being beaten,
tortured, jailed and sometimes shot dead. Police are raiding homes in
opposition townships and beating, kicking and torturing the residents.
It used to be that South Africa would bail out Zimbabwe with a loan,
but South Africa refused to provide a loan in December because it
doesn't have enough money.

South Africa already hosts thousands of Zimbabwe refugees, and
is now facing a massive influx of thousands more refugees, which
it doesn't have the money to support. ... n-18863372 ... gwa-pledge

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** 18-Jan-19 World View -- Zimbabwe returns to violence of Mugabe era with police beatings and abductions
** ... tm#e190118

** Climate change and private jets at World Economic Forum in Davos

The World Economic Forum is taking place in Davos,
Switzerland, which leaders of some countries, including
the US, UK and France, have chosen not to attend.

One of the big themes of the conferfence is about how
the world is careening towards disaster in a few years because
of climate change, with Trump as the main villain.

However, it turns out that 1,500 private jets are parked at
a nearby airport, since these leaders can't be bothered
to take commercial transportation. ... ivate-jets
(The Local, Switzerland)

** 29-Nov-18 World View -- New climate change report shows countries are failing to meet commitments
** ... tm#e181129

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

I've renamed this thread Generational Dynamics World View News

** Countries choosing sides over Venezuela

Right now, there are two people in Venezuela claiming to be president,
Socialist president Nicolás Maduro, and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Countries are choosing sides since the US endorsed Guaidó. Canada,
Brazil, Chile, Peru, and other countries are supporting Guaidó, while
Russia, China and Turkey are supporting Maduro.

Maduro has ordered the American embassy in Caracas to close, but the
US is refusing. We're in a confrontational moment, and there may be
some military action, such as a blockade.

Venezuela has received big loans from both Russia and China, and is
repaying the loans in oil deliveries. Venezuela has the most oil
reserves of any country in the world, but it's producing less and less
oil because of Socialist corruption. As Venezuela's oil industry
deteriorates, Venezuela is favoring oil shipments to China over
Russia, so shipments to Russia are overdue.

Russia has to be careful, since if Maduro's government falls, then the
new government may not honor its commitments to Russia. ... -venezuela
(Medusa, The Bell)

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Venezuela unrest continues

Anti-government unrest in Caracas is increasing, and so far the
military hasn't used more than teargas. There are also reports
of anti-government protests in usually pro-Maduro cities. The
military apparently still supports Maduro, and there are fears
that something like China's 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre might

John Bolton on TV said that US marines are prepared to defend the
American ambassadors in the embassy in Caracas, should they come
under attack.

Daily Reader

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by Daily Reader »

Love the new format, thanks for keeping up the good work.

Regarding the "Fake News" updates, yes, I find them informative and useful.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by FishbellykanakaDude »

John wrote:...
DUDE...!! Love this! Is the new format REALLY less work for you? If so, hoorah for efficiency.

"GDBiteSizedWorldNews" - GDBSWN

..or perhaps "GodDamnedBullScheitWorldNews"

It's not the Reporting that's "GodDamnedBullScheit",.. it's the CONTENT..!!

"All the Crap, All the Time!".. most don't want to hear it, one hero dares to give it to you.

Thanks John!

...even MORE aloha's at'cha..! <shaka nui!>


Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by Worldman1 »

I love it - keep it up if it is easier for you!

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