Criticism of Generational Dynamics

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Re: Criticism of Generational Dynamics

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Thank you for just proving my point.

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Very Spotty

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It doesn't take much to tell the rural culture is for autocracy and their own racial and cultural group, that they are striving against democracy, equality, and human rights. You don't have to make an involved study of history to know how the Revolution, Civil War and World War II came out. Still, once one has formed one's perspective, it doesn't change, not until the culture and one's personal perspective has totally failed. Thus, it is only marginally disappointing to see people clinging to the old ways.

Well, cling away. In any given crisis, there is a faction who tries to continue the status quo, to not solve the problems that are the focus of the crisis. It seems to happen every time. Cling to the old ways if you can't read the signs.

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Re: Criticism of Generational Dynamics

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John wrote:
Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:52 pm
** 18-Jun-2021 World View: White Supremacist Jackass Butler

> "To me, White Supremacist Democrats is an oxymoron."

That's because you're a White Supremacist, and you refuse to admit it.

The following are all White Supremacist policies practiced by Democrat
officials: destroying the black family, defunding police, not
arresting violent criminals, letting violent criminals out of jail,
keeping the police from making gun checks, allowing huge amounts of
fentynal and meth into the courtry, and so forth.

Any Democrat official who practices these White Supremacist policies
is, by definition, a White Supremacist. No oxymoron there.

And the results speak for themselves: Mass shootings and mass
slaughter of blacks in Chicago and other Democrat-run cities, where
the above White Supremacist policies are in force. That's what you
White Supremacist Democrats want. That was true a century ago, and
it's true today.

I'm still looking for a reply by the donkey that actually counters a point of yours.

He still hasn't addressed the issue that a certain group commits more than half of the homicides and nearly all of the violent crimes in our nation, and are only 10-ish % of the population. Poor race (other group X) doesn't do anything even close.

The Capitol thing was a total fraud and a set up. Of course, when the audits show without a doubt (they already have) that the election was fraudulent, we'll hear crickets from the jackass, but we already knew that.

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Bob Butler
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Re: Criticism of Generational Dynamics

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Once again, we have gun and drug problems. Part of it is due to what I call the ghetto mindset, the notion that because oppression is so prevalent, it is necessary to be a drug pusher, a sports star, or a mother. One result is additional deaths due to turf wars and criminal acts to get funds to support a drug habit.

The solution is not more oppression, a greater prejudice, but making the basic premise untrue. Not easy as the oppression is obsessive, especially among a certain population. One can try to make bias in the workplace illegal, and to point out as John that not all blacks fall into the questionable mindset. He gave the Tulsa victims as an example of a bunch that tried to get ahead, but it remains a problem.

How do you get rid of a cultural belief? Must you get rid of the belief in oppression before you get rid of the belief that there is oppression? It is a long tough road which many have walked and many have been more of a hindrance than solution.

I for one am not worried. I looked up the 2019 data. The US population was around, 328,000,000. The FBI reported 3,299 homicides. A simple division results in 0.001% chance of being a victim, considerably less if you don’t engage in questionable behavior, don’t push drugs, are not a criminal, don’t have a disturbed spouse, etc… I suppose 0.001% is enough to justify hatred and oppression if you are into hatred and oppression anyway.

I’d rather work towards a cure. I have already suggested that banning something wanted by a large part of the population doesn’t work. The population gets whatever is banned anyway. If you want drugs or guns, you can get them. The prohibition against alcohol was a disaster. But still, they try. As apparently Einstein never said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

But of course when I nudge towards a solution, the people here ignore it in favor of doubling down on oppression and prejudice.

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