2023ish - ICEV's-EV's-Oil = New World

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2023ish - ICEV's-EV's-Oil = New World

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Referenced article: https://seekingalpha.com/article/422515 ... 023-beyond

The Impending Big Auto/Oil Implosion - Early 2020's to 2025
  • EV (Evlectric Vehicle) sales will boom when they're "slightly more attractive".
  • ICEV (Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle) sales will plummet when EV's are "slightly more attractive".
  • Oil prices will plummet when EV's are VERY much more attractive.
  • Oil over-supply will create a need for the world's ENEMIES (China/USA/Russia/Canada[!?], AKA the Oil Producers) to cooperate to limit supply (and hold up prices),.. at which they will fail.
  • 5G communications will start to become very widespread in 2020.
    ..5G will be nicely "broken in" in 2023ish.
The world will be amazingly hair-trigger primed for war in 2023-2025.

..so, I have a bit of time to get my trusty boat ready! Yay...!! :)

Aloha gangies! <shaka nui!>

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