6-year-old Uyghur Boy beaten by Han Chinese

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6-year-old Uyghur Boy beaten by Han Chinese

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A six year old boy born to Uighur parents is surrounded by a group of 15+ Han Chinese people.

A man begins kicking the boy in the head. Another joins in. The boy begins crying and screaming for his life. He looks around for someone — anyone — to help him. No one does.

After being kicked in the head multiple times, one of the men holds the boy's palm to the ground, stands on his hand, and jerks up on the boy's arm, breaking all the boy's fingers.

The people watching show absolutely no signs of empathy or regard for the boy.

The boy looks at his hand, unable to move his fingers. He is terrified and completely helpless. He can't run because he is surrounded. He doesn't know what is happening or why.

A man comes back and grabs the boy by his broken fingers and jerks the boy across the ground.
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