Fourth Turning peace

Awakening eras, crisis eras, crisis wars, generational financial crashes, as applied to historical and current events
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Re: Fourth Turning peace

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Alosito79 wrote:So my question is suppose a crisis war in this era is delayed or avoided and we enter a Fifth Turning by 2030 with young adult artists. So how would a crisis war look then?
Remember John expects the Singularity in 2030, so that is almost by definition unpredictable.

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Re: Fourth Turning peace

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Brendan wrote:I think the better able a civilization is able to inject the correct type of pain on a regular basis the more stable the civilization will be. It is a careful balance though to keep just enough fear/pain to keep the system stable but not so much as to crush any progress. This is probably one (of multiple) reasons that capitalism works so well. Reality is the final arbiter of what constitutes "good" and "bad". Perhaps maybe the civilizations shouldn't try to determine how pain should be distributed but rather help expedite the process so the time from action and response becomes shorter and thus people don't have to deal with pain wholesale but quickly and constantly. This seems to result in less pain in the aggregate because as John alluded to the longer you go without that feedback the greater the amount of pain experienced will be.
Capitalism is not an answer in search of a question (meaning: it's not a tool, an invention).

Capitalism is a result of a natural process (meaning: it's a discovery, not an invention).

Capitalism has always existed, and will always return from any "invention" intended to replace it.

Capitalism doesn't work. It IS the works.

And you're quite right! The "self leveling and self righting" moment (characteristic resultant force vectors) that people see and USE properly (according to the "physics" of the system) in an as sensitive yet "not shaky (buffered stability)" way, the less "pain" is produced for the desired effect.

In other words, a light hand on the stick flies better, and strong yet supple knees and ankles (and spine!) make for beautiful heʻe nalu...!! <shaka nui...!>

(( If you're a surfer you're a defacto moderately skilled physicist. Deya's jus 'ole udda way fo can stay, yeah? ))

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