Kiev government - will its armed forces fight ?

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Kiev government - will its armed forces fight ?

Postby Reality Check » Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:00 pm

Kiev government is self-destructing as a sovereign power. The precondition of sovereignty is to have control over territory.

By announcing to the world the Kiev government is going to destroy pro-Russian militias occupying towns in Eastern Ukraine, Kiev has created two tests for itself:

1. Will substantial numbers of men in Kiev's armed forces fight, kill and if necessary, die at the orders of the Kiev government ???

2. Can those armed forces that are willing to fight under orders from Kiev, win against a small light infantry force operating inside territory Kiev claims to be sovereign over ???

So far the Kiev government is failing both tests.

If neither NATO, nor Ukraine is willing, or able, to fight for Ukraine, then Russia wins by default. Beginning to look more and more like the bloodless occupations of Czechoslovakia and Austria before World War II officially started.

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