Kiev - partially capitulates - to Russia's Federation demand

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Kiev - partially capitulates - to Russia's Federation demand

Postby Reality Check » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:54 pm

The acting President of Ukraine announced that Ukraine is willing to consider changing it's form of government from a unitary parliamentary Republic to a Federal Republic ( with distributed sovereignty similar to the United States ) if ALL the people of Ukraine agree to it.

This would require a new constitution and the details regarding how sovereign powers would be divided up, were not discussed in the offer.

The Kiev government's offer was limited to a referendum to be held at the same time as the next Presidential election ( currently scheduled for May ) where the people would express if they wanted to keep Ukraine united or divide it up into a regional federation.

The offer did NOT include allowing each region to vote individually on staying in Ukraine.

BBC report on speech by acting Ukrainian President to the Ukrainian Parliament, on Monday, 14 April, 2014 wrote:
In a televised address to parliament, interim President Turchynov suggested Kiev would be open to moving from a ( unitary sovereign ) republic into a ( distributed sovereign ) federation ( like the United States federation ) and giving broader rights to Ukraine's Russian speakers.

The pro-Russian groups who have seized government buildings in eastern regions are demanding local referendums on either increased local rights or an option to join the Russian Federation.

But Mr Turchynov stopped well short of giving in to these demands by showing support for a national referendum, of which the outcome is uncertain because most people in Kiev and the Ukrainian-speaking west reject the idea of federalisation.

"We are not against holding a national referendum," Mr Turchynov said. "I am certain that a majority of Ukrainians will support an indivisible, independent, democratic and united Ukraine."

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