Kiev government - loses control of its own security forces

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Kiev government - loses control of its own security forces

Postby Reality Check » Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:55 am

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Police and other East Ukrainian security forces declined to fight small units of pro-Russian militia as they stormed and took over police stations and other buildings in Eastern Ukraine. The takeovers begain on Saturday.
Kiev government , announced on Sunday, it had sent a Ukrainian special forces anti-terrorist unit to clear the militia from one town in Eastern Ukraine.

The Kiev government announced early on Sunday that the Ukraine special forces unit had entered into the town, engaged the pro-Russian militias, the unit had suffered casualties and the pro-Russian militia had suffered serious unknown losses before they left the town.

The KIev government story turned out to be false.

The Ukranian special forces unit had never reached the town. It had been engaged in a fire fight before it reached the town, suffered casualties and retreated. The top commander of the entire anti-Terrorists unit had been wounded along with others and a commissioned officer ( A Ukrainian Captain ) had been killed.

Late Sunday the Kiev government announced to the world media that Ukraine was sending in the army to clear the pro-Russian militia from the towns in Eastern Ukraine.

Pro-Russian militia were given until 9 AM local Ukrainian time ( 2 AM Eastern U.S. time ) Monday morning, earlier Today, to lay down their arms and surrender.

Two hours after the deadline western reporters in Eastern Ukraine reported their were no Ukrainian government forces anywhere to be seen, so the Pro-Russian militias had no one to turn in their guns to, even if they wanted to.

Additional towns and police stations have been stormed by pro-Russian militias since the deadline, without any serious opposition from Kiev government forces, or anyone else.

Kiev government is now calling for U.N. peacekeepers from outside of Ukraine to join the Ukrainian forces in ejecting the pro-Russian militias from Eastern Ukraine. Kiev claims the pro-Russian militias are, or include, Russian military special forces, which, if true, would guarantee Russia would veto any U.N. Resolution authorizing a U.N. force that would provide political cover, or assistance, for an attack on Russian forces.

It is unclear if the Ukrainian army declined to engage the pro-Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine, or the Kiev government just backed down on their deadline.

Either way, the Kiev government appears powerless to stop even small units ( 20 men ) of pro-Russian militia from going where they want, and doing what they want in Eastern Ukraine.

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