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The nation of Yemen is facing a triple threat:
  • A growing civil war between the Sunni government army and the
    Shia Houti rebels. This is turning into a proxy war between Iran and
    Saudi Arabia.
  • A growing al-Qaeda presence. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
    (AQAP) has been conducting terrorist attacks on Yemeni and Saudi
  • A growing southern Yemen secessionist movement.
In a letter delivered last week, President Obama promised to help
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in his "fight against terrorism."

** Escalating civil war in Yemen threatens to pull in Iran, Saudi Arabia and U.S.
** ... 13#e090913

This could end up with American involvement in Yemen's civil war.



Fighting is increasing in the northern Saada province, and
displaced refugees are nearing the nation's capital, Sana'a.

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Re: Yemen

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I think theres two reasons for this new war front.

First the Somalian pirates.
Seconde the Oil reserves.

both are the main reasons, I expect the US army the be operating in Yemen by March or April.


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Re: Yemen

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When the home front is not secure , foreign expeditions can prove costly.

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