3-Jun-11 News-Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs

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3-Jun-11 News-Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs

Postby John » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:37 pm

3-Jun-11 News -- Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs' records

Greece to unveil new austerity measures

** 3-Jun-11 News -- Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs' records
** http://www.generationaldynamics.com/cgi-bin/D.PL?xct=gd.e110603b#e110603b

** 3-Jun-11 World View -- Palestinian 'Right of Return' dominant issue
** http://www.generationaldynamics.com/cgi-bin/D.PL?xct=gd.e110603#e110603

"Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs' records"
"Greece to unveil new austerity measures"

### World View - Palestinian 'Right of Return' dominant issue
"Palestinian 'Right of Return' becomes a dominant issue in Mideast"
"Hamas fumes as Egypt cuts Rafah crossings to 400 a day"
"Moody's threatens to put U.S. government's rating under review"
"E. coli outbreak linked to aggressive new strain"
"Big explosions rock Sanaa, as Yemen tribal clashes spread"
"Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan survives no-confidence vote"
"Italy celebrates the 150th anniversary of unity"
"North Korea says it's the happiest country on earth"

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Re: 3-Jun-11 News-Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sac

Postby OLD1953 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:11 am

"Jordan's prime minister Ma'rouf Al-Bakhit declared that Jordan would not consent to the establishment of a Palestinian state that did not include a guarantee for the right of return."

Less than a surprise, he wants all the refugees that cause trouble in his country to go home. He's not immune to nationalism any more than anyone else is.

Wonder if the German press will blame the E. Coli strain on US genetic labs or their own? Probably the US, there is a fear of genetic engineering in Germany.

It's very likely that a large number of very wealthy people are going to jail soon. The sooner the better.

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Re: 3-Jun-11 News-Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sac

Postby mannfm11 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:46 pm

Good stuff John. They don't understand because the banking industry and its related henchmen have a multi-trillion dollar hole in them that the government and the Fed are trying to solve by allowing them to suck trillions out of the economy. The bankers are too busy trying to suck more out of the industry for themselves to ever allow the system to repair itself. But, even if they weren't, the economy doesn't have the money to fix the banks. Note that capital short banks are buying back their own shares. This is akin to taking a walk once it starts hailing.

Credit bubbles get fixed through default and bankruptcy. Japan found that out, as it is still stuck in deflation and the government has bankrupted itself trying to shield the system from liquidation. Strangely, we have gone down the same path and the whole game is based on accounting fraud and intentionally faulty opinions of security quality. The game has run its course.

The question about China is how strict is the system of credit in that country? I would venture the entire system is nothing but a huge ponzi scheme and that the majority of funds they have on deposit is hot money and not trade money. One after another China companies have turned up to be nothing but schemes when it comes to the legitimacy of their finances. I suspect the same thing is going on in the US, as those that are in charge of such matters haven't seemed to be too concerned about other matters where honesty would be involved.

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