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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

Daily Reader wrote: > John, Love the new format, thanks for keeping up the good work.

> Regarding the "Fake News" updates, yes, I find them informative
> and useful.

FishbellykanakaDude wrote: > DUDE...!! Love this! Is the new format REALLY less work for you?
> If so, hoorah for efficiency.

> "GDBiteSizedWorldNews" - GDBSWN

> ..or perhaps "GodDamnedBullScheitWorldNews"

> It's not the Reporting that's "GodDamnedBullScheit",.. it's the

> "All the Crap, All the Time!".. most don't want to hear it, one
> hero dares to give it to you.

> Thanks John!

> ...even MORE aloha's at'cha..! <shaka nui!>
Worldman1 wrote: > I love it - keep it up if it is easier for you!
Thanks, guys. See next post.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

I'm really glad that I stumbled into this format.

Believe it or not, this really does seem to work for me. The daily
World View articles were/are extremely complex, requiring integrating
many news threads, sometimes taking half a day to write an article.
However, the items that I've been posting in this thread almost write
themselves, since each is about just one subject, rather than a dozen
subjects. Furthermore, I can write these items during breaks in
working on my China book, so they don't interfere with writing the

It's also a lot more flexible. In the old format, I'd write an
article about Venezuela once every 2-4 weeks. However, in this
format, I can update the news about Venezuela as often as necessary.

This means that people who have been depending on Generational
Dynamics World View as their primary source of news now have a more
dynamic source. People in this category should subscribe to this
thread so that they're notified whenever there's a new news item.

We can also make this interactive. People can comment on news
stories, ask questions, or even post their own news stories.

I'm still going to write "official" World View articles when called
for. I'm also considering a weekly article summarizing the stories in
this thread. Unfortunately, the core issue for me hasn't changed.
The clock is still ticking. Tick tock tick tock.

One other possibility is Twitter. I actually have a twitter handle
(@GenDyn) that I registered in 2009. I've tried on two or three
occasions to post news regularly to that handle, but I couldn't deal
with the 140/280 char limit, and I really hate the Twitter user
interface. The format that I'm using in this thread is much more
flexible, and I find it very easy to use.

However, if anyone with Twitter experience wants to volunteer to run
the Twitter feed, translating the news items in this thread into
tweets, or to make suggestions. If anyone is interested, then let's
discuss it here.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Greece approves Macedonia's name change to North Macedonia

Since 1991, Greece has vetoed attempts by FYROM (the Former
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) to join Nato or the European
Union, because Greece already has a province of Macedonia
where Alexander the Great was born and, to add insult to
injury, the Macedonians have been claiming that Alexander
wasn't even Greek.

After 27 years, there has been increased international pressure to get
the issue resolved. Russia has been actively meddling to prevent an
agreement, because they don't want Macedonia to join Nato.

Earlier this year, Macedonia agreed to change its name to North
Macedonia, provided that Greece approves the same. Most Greeks are
opposed to the agreement, but it passed Greece's parliament today

North Macedonia can now apply for Nato and EU membership, but this is
such an emotional issue in the most volatile region of Europe -- the
Balkans -- that we haven't heard the last of it. ... nia-accord

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Be careful with your VPN . . . It might be based in China

Post by tetmo »

China spying on people through VPN? Probably . . . . ... d-in-china

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** AEI: New analysis of demographic disaster in China

A new report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is a
detailed study of the demographics in China, and the disastrous
changes in age and family structures. The report does not use the
words "disaster" or "war," but every paragraphs points in that
  • We already have a fairly reliable picture of China’s population
    profile for the year 2040 because the overwhelming majority of people
    who will be living in China in 2040 are already alive and living there
  • China's total population is near a peak, and is expected to
    decline in the next decade.
  • China's rapid economic growth in the last 30 years has been
    caused by a rapid expansion of the population of young people --
    especially young males -- since under the one-child policy,
    women have aborting female fetuses or killing them after birth.
  • However, now the explosive population growth is among people
    over 65, while working-age population shrinks rapidly.
  • Most young people are only-children of only-children, which means
    that the entire ancient chinese extended family structure is
  • Family-based guanxi networks -- comprised of fellow clansmen to
    provide financial+human security are dissolving
  • There's been a massive rural to urban migration. Because of
    the one-child policy, cities are underpopulated with young people,
    so they need migrants to do the work.
  • In the "hukou system", China's dictators tell a person where to
    live. However, the system has been breaking down, since the cities
    need rural migrants, and there are 220 million rural migrants living
    "out of hukou" in big cities.
  • Contradiction: Cities need migrants, but migrants are treated as
    inferior beings
  • One reason: Migrants are a cash cow for the cities, because
    migrants work, are taxed, but receive no benefits.
  • Another reason: Since everyone is registered, when there is
    unemployment in a big city, the government can simply throw
    the out-of-hukou migrants out of their homes into the streets.
    Theoretically, this promotes stability.
  • Beijing and Shanghai and every big city in China is turning into an
    urban tinderbox.
  • Buried in the report is the line that the changes in demographics
    and family structure "could prove to be an existential,
    civilization-challenging event."
I've been intensely studying China's history in order to understand
what happened to China, and how it's turned the CCP leadership into
the barbarians they are today. There's a growing split between the
hard-working Chinese people who are being really screwed by the
barbarians in the CCP, and I now understand how the events of the
"century of humiliation" have turned these politicians into almost
deranged monsters intent on revenge against the world. I used to
wonder if China would win or lose the coming war, but I now understand
that China will not only lose and be completely destroyed by the
revenge war they are planning to launch, but not before they've
satisfied themselves by bring catastrophe to the entire world. ... -overview/
(American Enterprise Institute)

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** China drives thousands of Beijing migrants out into the winter cold
** ... tm#e171201

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Re: Be careful with your VPN . . . It might be based in China

Post by John »

tetmo wrote: > China spying on people through VPN? Probably . . . .

> ... d-in-china

What's important about this story is that half of the top "free" VPN's
are owned or controlled by the Chinese, which means that they can spy
on everything that a user does on them, and use that information
against them when they throw them into jail and beat and torture them.

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by bluebird »

Thanks for keeping us updated with world news!

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

** Russia's paramilitary Wagner Group in Venezuela

Russia's paramilitary private security contractors is reportedly in
Venezuela to protect president Nicolás Maduro. Although the reports
don't say this, the implication appears to be that Maduro fears that
his own army and security forces might turn against him. They
may also be preparing in case of a foreign military incursion
from Latin American neighbors, or from the US.

The Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) is a private army that works
closely with Vladimir Putin. Under Putin's orders, it has intervened
in Ukraine, Syria and the Central African Republic. By using a
private army, Putin hopes to maintain deniability. ... SKCN1PJ22M
(Reuters) ... ontractors
(Guardian, London)

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FK China

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by FK China »

George Soros calls China and its dictator for life leader the greatest threat to freedom today. However, considering Soros backs all manner of leftist insanity, this might give the Chinese leader street cred with anti-Soros types. I hate Soros. I think he has aided the flood of third world illegals into the first world because of his own warped ideology.

What is your opinion of him, John?

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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

Post by John »

Now that several days have passed, I feel more confident about how
this thread will be used. I've updated the first post of this thread
to reflect this purpose. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This is an experiment. This is a thread where I (or other people) can
post brief summaries of important news.

Since I'm writing a book on China and I'm doing a great deal of
historical research, this thread will also contain analyses of China
that are not available in the mainstream media.

Forty years ago, everyone in the world wanted China to succeed in
becoming an economic powerhouse and a responsible member of the
international community. To this end, Taiwan was replaced by mainland
China as the representative of China in the United Nations. China was
admitted to the World Trade Organization, with the hope that China
would adopt internationally supported trading practices. Western
companies have poured investments into China to take advantage of its
huge marketplace, and to help the Chinese people develop a vibrant
consumer and export economy. There were many doubters, of course --
China was still run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But Soviet
communism had collapsed, and it was hoped that Chinese communism would
do so too, and it was hoped that China would become a democratic,
free, open market society.

The hopes that China would become a responsible member of the
international community have disappeared. CCP government officials
are turning into barbaric monsters, worse than the Nazis. China is
arresting, beating, torturing, raping and executing millions of Muslim
Uighurs in Xinjiang province, with the apparent intention of
committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. China also arrests, beats,
tortures, rapes and executes many Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists
for their religious beliefs. After specifically promising not to
militarize the South China Sea, China has illegally built artificial
islands with military bases bristling with warplanes, missiles and
advanced weaponry to be used against its neighbors. China has
developed numerous nuclear ballistic missile systems that have no
purpose except to destroy American cities, bases, and aircraft
carriers. China steals intellectual property as a regular practice.
China takes advantage of international law by using it as a lever
against other nations, but then claiming that it doesn't apply to

My research on my book has been to determine from China's history
exactly how the CPP had turned into barbaric monsters. I've found
that every CCP policy is connected in some way to events surrounding
the 1860 Treaty of Tanjin, almost like a serial killer's actions are
linked to some traumatic childhood event. My objective is to
determine the following:
  • How does China's history dictate its current barbaric policies?
  • How long will the hard-working Chinese people tolerate
    the abusive CCP policies?
  • What will China do next, and in what time frame?
I've already developed partial answers to these questions. Further
research will be posted in this thread. I also expect to be writing
occasional long-form World View articles, summarizing the news items
and research in this thread.

Those who wish to be notified of regular updates should subscribe to
this thread. Suggestions are welcome.

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