30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan

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30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan

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30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan

** 30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan
** http://www.generationaldynamics.com/cgi ... 30#e100730

"Accusation that Pakistan supports terrorism brings harsh response"
"Attitudes in Pakistan"
"Wikileaks editor Julian Assange loves 'crushing bastards'"

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Re: 30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan

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As a former member of a special op's group in the Army (3/75th Rangers) from 1984-1988, I am conflicted in my opinion of the wiki leaks.
From a military standpoint I am outraged that it happened and that it was a serviceman who did it. As an adult a parent and a teacher I am
interested in the fall out and/or the impact of this leak.The war in Afg, has no clear goal, no clear motivation, no clear expectation, certainly no clear schedule of operation and recall of soldiers. It will accomplish nothing in our favor no matter how long we stay there. It will do nothing to "build bridges" between the U.S.A and Muslim groups. It is entirely pointless beyond the excuse to spend money to keep the military's financial Juggernaut rolling along. The two current wars and the one that seems to be on the Iranian horizon have no cause beyond financing trillions of dollars of military spending and keeping millions on government payrolls. It seems that more wars are the only idea/hope our political geniuses have to insure that our economy doesn't totally disintegrate. At some point one would think Americans will tell the GOVT to go and pound sand. Buy sheeple have little motivation beyond their next meal. I remember the "survivalists" during the 80's. I see it coming back now in waves of new websites and blogs about preparing for the coming meltdown. The MSM is not giving any attention to this movement as far as I have seen, which in itself seems to give the movement more credibility than it had in the 80's when the Russians were supposed to be planning on invading. As for me I am slowly trying to prepare for emergencies that may arrive. I think our country is screwed, and the only chance for any improvement is to oust everyone in November and strip out all the BS that has been globbed onto the Constitution and our legal system over the past 50 years as well as give states back the powers that have been stripped of them for far too long. just my 2cents

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