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Re: Polyticks: Bob Butler's Perspective

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Just as an additional thought, the above perspective is close enough to Marxist. Things are viewed as having to do with capitol, and all crises have a capitol element. If one's area of interest is something else, everything has to do with that something else. Military balance of power? Racism? The growth of democracy? Limits on industrial growth? Transitioning from one age's pattern of civilization to the next? In Generation Dynamic's case it is xenophobia and increasing territory. If your focus is on a limited set of topics, you could or somebody has created a perspective with those areas on center stage and the other elements missing.

I try to look at all relevant topics, but am not as good with some as others.

Crises are diverse. Whatever you decide is central and important, a crisis will include that element. The more you focus on that one element, the more you miss of the overall picture.

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