Web sites selling defective sneakers

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Web sites selling defective sneakers

Post by SamualJRuble »

There's been a growing trend of e-commerce sites selling
defective sneakers. The sites go to the companies in Bangladesh
that exploit female workers a dollar a week to make sneakers under
dangerous conditions. These sneakers are low quality and are
dangerous, and buying them actually puts into danger the
lives of these exploited workers.

The following is a list of some of these sites selling dangerously
defective sneakers:






More site names will be provided as they become available.

Rose Roger
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Re: Web sites selling defective sneakers

Post by Rose Roger »

Thanks for posting this information. I hope that a lot of people
will take notice.

Here are some of the worst web sites selling counterfeit defective
sneakers from sweathouses in Bangladesh:




At one of these sweatshops last week, a mother was raped and beaten by
her boss, and no one cared, certainly not the above vendors, as long
as they collect their money.

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