Bitcoin and clean energy

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Bitcoin and clean energy

Postby Brendan » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:20 pm

Two things I've been thinking about is the potential for clean energy and crypto currencies to see mass adoption in the coming years especially since the power structures are expected to change.

Bitcoin or other crypto currencies: while it may seem a little out there I think there is potential for them to at least play a bigger role. When the nation is stretched thin any savings contributes to more resources to the front. The credit card transaction companies (visa, etc.) day by day are on their way out but still have a strong power base that keeps them in power (and the U.S. Behind in financial transaction tech). I could see the war be the big push needed to topple this ossified power institution. Also important to note the last reserve currency change and international finances system change was during WWII (Bretton-Woods).

Clean energy: Energy is another section of the economy where it seems the established powers are gripping on for what they know are limited days. Energy is such a crucial part of any economy but especially vital during war time. Clean energy tech is closely approaching the economic threshold were it will be cheaper and easier to produce than traditional methods. Not to mention some of our current sources of oil and the like will likely be opposed to us. I think the only major stepping stone in this picture would be the typical capacity/storage problem but perhaps rewnewed sense of community via distributed power grids may end up being the solution (in contrast to banking on some major tech breakthroughs). On a related note central power utilities show signs of being another power structure that we could potentially do away with in a short order.


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