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World War III lineup

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:52 pm
by Alosito79
USA, India, Russia, Iran, Japan, Britian, Canada,Australia,
Germany,France,Italy, Isreal,Vietnam,Thailand,South Korea,New Zealand,Poland,Greece,Spain,Portugal,Mexico,Brazil,Soith Africa, Nigeria,Kenya,Afgahnistan,Taiwan,Ethiophia

China,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Bangladesh,Egypt,Syria,Iraq,Libya,Algeria,Morocco,Libya,North Korea,Sudan,Somalia

Swing nations:
Turkey, Kazahkstan,Mongolia,

This list is according to John Xeanis but is due for updates ads well. Any ideas on this list:


Far East
Middle East
Central Asia


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Re: World War III lineup

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:53 pm
by Trevor
This is a fictional list and not a complete one but it's what I came up with.

Allies: United States, India, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, South Korea, Belarus, Armenia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan

Axis: China, Pakistan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Oman,

Re: World War III lineup

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:26 am
by Alosito79
I’d ve very interested in the Western Hemisphere.
It’s looks nastier than WWII