Awakening climaxes for West Europe

Awakening eras, crisis eras, crisis wars, generational financial crashes, as applied to historical and current events
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Awakening climaxes for West Europe

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Does anyone know what the awakening climaxes for Western Europe are? I know East Germany, and possibly West Germany had their awakening climax in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but what about the UK or France for example?

I'd particularly love to hear from those either from the UK or France or who are very familiar with those country's recent history.

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Re: Awakening climaxes for West Europe

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For France, I would say their Reagen was Francois Mitterand took France out of their Awakening.

For Britain, Thatcher came in the same time as Reagen, and I think by 1986, Britain was through with their Awakening.

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